(I got the inspiration for this blog post from an older blog of another user's, though I'm in no way trying to rip them off. In fact, give them the major credit for this if you must.)

For Americans, there are only two weeks (and a day) left until October 31st. People across the globe, on that night, will do a variety of things depending on their beliefs and/or their life circumstances—some kids may go around dressed up and begging their neighbors/friends for candy; others may stay at home and with loved ones; and still others will do nothing at all. However, even if you personally don't believe in Halloween/All Hallows' Eve/whatever you would like to call it, what I'm proposing is something in which you, too, can take part.

While a common thought among youth is that the day is all about dressing up in tacky costumes and demanding for people to hand over a pouch of Skittles, October 31st holds other meanings as well. (As an example: In Mexico, the day marks the start of Día de los Muertos – Day of the Dead – a celebration to honor the lost ones of families.) My goal is for this challenge to remind us of these values and for us to learn to – maybe, just maybe – use them for the betterment of others.

During the course of the next two weeks, I ask for users to do any (or all) of the following:

  • Visit a new community and assist them in any constructive way you can;
  • Make at least a few constructive edits each day on your home communities (or on the new ones from the previous bullet point);
  • (If you administrate communities) Make an effort to improve the wiki – whether it's from the content, social, or design aspect – and/or welcome new users;
  • If you want, help out in the real world, too – assist your relatives, volunteer, etc.;
  • And remember those in both your real and online lives who have changed you positively so that they will not go forgotten easily.

It may not seem like that significant of a list, but tiny actions can really influence others, plus a lot can get done over the next two weeks if you want to make it happen!

Additionally, as an added side thing, you can also change your avatar to whatever you'd wish (as long as it's within the Terms of Use) and join Community Central Chat to have a hangout with other users Halloween night. (If you do, though, remember to comply with all the rules – I don't want to see you get banned! :p)

I'll now close this blog with one final request: Enjoy the rest of the month and make change happen!

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