Hello! It's me, KCC, back again with another blog.

I'm writing this one because now I feel the time is right to say what all happened to lead me to Wikia. Of course, some things are better left unsaid...but I'll say as much as I can without revealing too much personal info.


Right now it feels like we're bleeding; so deep that we might not get back up...
~ Troye Sivan

In July 2011 (I believe), one of my favorite websites (which I will not say the name of for security reasons) was shut down after a run of at least several years. I was devastated, just like most everyone else. One reason was because it was a very secure place compared to many other websites I've seen—cyberbullies were detected and banned on the spot; the chat dictionary was strategically programmed to allow no cussing but a lot of creativity; and though there was no age limit, the only way one could show their age publicly was if they manually chose to do so. Another reason was because I'd been one of its longest-standing active users, so I knew just about everyone there.

Fortunately, a couple of the site's older users decided to create a replacement site for those of us who couldn't move on. Again, I will not say the name of the site, but I will say that the creators said it was give users more freedom.

Unfortunately, that turned out to be a bad thing.


Here comes the start of every sleepless night, the first of every tear...
~ Rascal Flatts

Because of my autism, I tended to be really immature, make rash decisions, yet at the same time attempt to write about more mature topics. One such incident of a time I tried to prove myself still scars me to this day.

I tried writing a blog about child safety, hoping someone would actually look at it and say, "She's right." However, the reception to the blog was painfully negative. The users would curse at me, tell me just how wrong and idiotic I supposedly was, even threaten my life...

...and because the site didn't have any Terms of Use, they were allowed to do it.

After that incident, I left the site and never went back. It was so bad, I spent around a year and a half or so away from all sites with social interaction, choosing not to use the internet for anything except looking up stuff for school.


You could look up and follow me through the dead of the night.
~ Matthew Koma

In the summer of 2013, I got an idea for a Warriors/Maximum Ride crossover fanfiction that I really liked back then; however, I didn't own any of the Warriors books. After finding the Wikipedia page about the series as a whole, I managed to stumble upon the Warriors Wiki. I found the wiki to be very informative, and it helped me as I was drafting the fanfiction. The fanfiction never was published, however, as I gave up on the idea after considering it to be "unrealistic for the universes". But the memory of the WW stayed.

Shortly after, I discovered the Maximum Ride Wiki and saw that many pages were either stubs or filled with fanon. However, I didn't know what to do back then.

During a brief few months spent as a Pegasister (female My Little Pony fan), I also found the MLP:FiM Wiki and used it for times when I had no access to the episodes. I was so impressed with how informative the Warriors and MLP:FiM wikis were, I never suspected back then that the content was fan-written.

And I also never thought I'd become a part of such a community. But I did.


Now that I know what I'm without, you can't just leave me. ... Bring me to life.
~ Amy Lee

I created my account on Wikia in June 2014 after somehow stumbling upon the Maximum Ride Wiki again, though I didn't actually use it until mid-August. Of course, like any new user, I made my fair share of mistakes (adding excess categories, acting unbelievably immature, etc.), though I learned to live with them like James the Dik-dik.

(I'm not sure if the bureaucrat was prepared for me, to be honest. From what I've managed to gather since then, most of the users on the wiki before me were traitors—they came because they thought there would be a Maximum Ride movie, but left after learning it was the opposite. And if that was the case, who wouldn't be surprised if a new user suddenly joins the wiki and actually bothers to read through Help:Contents?)

I forgot exactly how many pages I created on the MR Wiki, though I do remember how it was the only wiki I edited for a while. Then I stumbled upon an old Maximum Ride Fanfiction Wiki, and though I planned to adopt it, the bureaucrat just went ahead and made a new one so I didn't have to. To this day, though, I wonder what would happen if I'd just adopted the old one.

In November, my real-life friend and I stumbled upon the Zedd Wiki, which had practically been abandoned by the founder. Back then, the wiki theme was an eyesore and it only had 20 pages or so, all of which were either stubs or plagiarizing Wikipedia. I joined a few days after she did, though I became inactive several times because I just didn't like the founder (who wouldn't let anyone adopt the wiki despite him never editing). The fact that he didn't care drove me insane several times, eventually getting to the point where I eventually messaged Merrystar asking for her to demote him. (Wendy, if you're reading this, I am so, so sorry about that. ;_;)

In December, I joined CCC for the first time after filing my first adoption request. I was still really immature, but they took me in anyway. So I started coming on there a lot more...and the rest of that year is pretty much history.


It's alright to break through.
~ Zedd & Botnek

2015 was and is a year of change. Not just for me, but for Wikia as a whole.

For me, the bureaucrat of the Maximum Ride Wiki vanished and left me to adopt the wiki; I finally summoned the motivation to get the rogue Zedd Wiki bureaucrat demoted,; and I started joining a lot more wikis, among other things. For Wikia as a whole, there's too much to list. Lol.

And since I'm getting tired of typing this now, I'm going to cut this blog short and say that Wikia truly has changed me. Thank you to everyone on here that I've met, even the obnoxious trolls. And though I don't know how long my time here will be—heck, it could be over tomorrow for personal reasons ._.—I can say that my experiences so far, though not always positive, have been life-changing.

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